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My new Sky+ HD box can’t find a network, even though it is connected to my router. Any ideas?

Submitted online by mingulay

Our Answer

Home networking can be a complicated area, and as we’re more about digital than complicated home network setup, we weren’t sure how much help we’d be. We did get the answer, and here’s how we did it.

We first asked if the router could ‘see’ that the Sky box was connected – Normally there’s something in the router admin screen that lets you see what hardware is connected

Next, we asked if the Sky box was showing a connection? (even though no data was passing)

We did this to work out if there was a problem with the physical connection, as opposed to a software setting. The poster told us that the physical connection was sound, and that there was a working connection other Ethernet between the Sky box and the router.

Sky+ HD Box Ethernet Socket

The Sky+ HD Box Ethernet Socket

Next, we tried to find out about the error message, The Sky box has a Network screen that provides some basic diagnostic advice. The poster reported the following

“I have managed to get the Sky box to get a local connection but “service connection” is showing “fail”. The router is talking to the box. The box has been given an IP address by the router, so the local connectivity is OK.”

That led us to ask about the Broadband service he’s using. We asked what Internet service Provider and package he’s using. It wasn’t Sky Broadband.


Sky Anytime only works with Sky Broadband

Sky Anytime is a service that offers video-on-demand over the Internet. To use Sky Anytime on a Sky box, you need to be connected to Sky Broadband. From the Sky Terms and Conditions: “Compatible Sky+HD box and Sky Broadband Unlimited required (Sky network areas only). “


Why is this?

The poster came back to us to suggest that this is “just another example of Sky trying to lock you into their services.” – Well, yes it is – but the same’s true with Virgin Media (You need Virgin cable to use a Virgin box), BT Vision (requires a BT Broadband account), and TalkTalk TV.

The solution? Sign up to Sky Broadband via

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One Response to Sky+ HD Box Internet Connection

  1. Lou Valdini says:

    I hear it’s looking like the Sky Anytime+ service may soon be available to Sky customers who don’t get their broadband from Sky. What’s the position on this?

    I had Sky Broadband, but the service was so poor, I had to change to Virgin. I would have taken Virgin TV, but they do not offer Multi-room. Ideally, I would like Sky HD plus Anytime+ with Virgin Broadband.

    What is it about Virgin? They claim technical leadership over Sky but clearly that isnt true if they cannot provide Multi-room.

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