Help with the Nikkai 7inch TV

The Nikkai 7″ TV

Nikkia 7 inch TV set

7-Inch Digital TV with USB

A very popular little monitor that’s ideal for desks, and supports playback of media from a USB memory stick.

This works well for reception of Freeview, can cope with a “line in” AV feed from a DVD player, or a digital TV set-top box, and can be powered from mains or from a car cigar lighter socket.

This unit can play music and video via a USB socket on the side, and can also be used as a digital photo frame. It comes with a portable digital TV antenna, although you’ll get best results when connecting to a rooftop TV aerial.

For full details, go here: Nikkai 7″ Digital TV from Maplin


No channels found

Matt Spicer reported problems getting the Nikkai to find channels:

“I bought a Nikkai 7inch TV, plugged into main TV to access all channels no problem but as soon as I disconnect & try to find them using the antenna it comes up with no signal,as this is in my house I’m not convinced that taking it outside to find a signal would be any better,after all that’s where I want to use it! Please help!”

First off, now that analogue TV in the UK no longer operates, you need to make sure this unit is set to “DTV” (Digital TV). Do the following:

  • Connect a TV aerial that’s capable of getting Freeview
  • Press the ‘Mode’ button on the remote until you get to “DTV”
  • Press Menu, and scroll to “Setup”
  • Select “Installation” – you should see the following screen
  • Press “OK” to scan for channels
Nikkai Portable TV setup screen

Nikkai Portable TV setup screen

The TV should scan for channels and you’ll see a list of channels found. If the scan doesn’t show any results, check you’ve set the Installation to English, and that the TV aerial is correctly connected. If there are still no channels found – double-check that the TV aerial is capable of getting a decent Freeview signal.

The kit supplied with the Nikkai 7inch TV set

The kit supplied with the Nikkai 7inch TV set

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