Government help on getting Freeview

Freeview LogoCan I get help converting to Freeview?

Until November 2012, it was possible for people over 75, people with disabilities, and those on some types of benefit to get help under the UK Government’s Digital TV Help Scheme.

The Help Scheme is no longer available – although if you had help in the past, support is available for 12 months after installation.

Why can’t I get help?

The Help Scheme is no longer available. The scheme ran from 2007 to 2012, and is now closed to new applicants.

The digital switchover completed in October 2012 when the last old analogue TV transmitter was turned off.

How can I get digital TV?

The old analogue TV service hasn’t been available since 2012, with many areas switching well before then. It’s assumed that pretty much everyone interested in watching TV beyond October 2012 will have now got a service such as Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Virgin, BT Vision or YouView.

If you haven’t yet got digital TV, or have an old analogue TV that you want to convert, there are two ways of getting this without a subscription:

  • Freeview – You need a TV aerial (normally on the roof) and a Freeview set-top box – These cost around £25 on the high street or online
  • Freesat – You need a satellite dish and a Freesat set-top box – Boxes cost around £40, installation of the dish is approx  £75-£150 from a local installer
Connecting a Freeview box to a TV set

Connecting a Freeview box to a TV set

My Freeview has stopped working

If your Freeview system was installed as part of the Government’s Help Scheme, you will get 12 months of “aftercare” – If your system was installed as part of the help scheme, you can call the helpline on the following free number: 0800 40 85 935


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