Top Up TV Programme Guide Not Working

Top Up TV LogoDigital TV provider Top Up TV stopped broadcasting at the end of October 2013.

This meant that some set-top boxes (such as the Thomson DTI-6300) were no longer displaying the TV guide, making recording Freeview programmes a problem. Here is an easy fix though:

Top Up TV Thomson DTI-6300 Set-top box

Top Up TV Thomson DTI-6300 Set-top box

Switch to the standard Freeview Programme Guide

Top Up TV boxes used a customer 14 day programme guide that was sent over-the-air. Luckily, the Freeview programme guide service is still available, and you can switch your Top Up TV service over to the Freeview guide quickly and easily. From the set-top box, do the following:

  • Press Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Go to “Change Your Box Settings” (Option 8)
  • At the prompt “TV guide type 8 or 14″, select the 8 day option (Freeview’s 8 day guide)
  • Save settings


When you change this setting, the box will download the Freeview programming guide over-the-air. This may take a few hours.

It’s also worth running a scan to refresh the channel lineup

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  1. my tv says no event information titles I want my programs titles back

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