Free YouView box from BT?

Can I get a free YouView box from BT?

Since YouView launched in July 2012, we’ve had questions asking whether BT will offer a free YouView box. Here’s a question from Alfie:

“Is the new BT YouView box going to be available free of charge, like TalkTalk TV?”

BT and YouView?

YouView is a combined Freeview and Internet service. YouView’s partners include broadband providers BT and TalkTalk.

YouView boxes?

The first YouView set-top box appeared at the end of July 2012. It was the Humax DTR-1000T:

YouView Humax Box

The Humax DTR-T1000 YouView box, released in July 2012

The Humax 1000T has a 500GB hard drive, series link and some nice features. It also has a £299 price tag. It’s slightly cheaper online at Amazon: Humax YouView at Amazon

Can I get a free YouView box from BT?

BT LogoBT has announced that it will be offering a YouView box. What hasn’t been announced yet, is when, and for how much.

It’s likely the box will be heavily subsidised, but whether it’ll be free, we don’t know yet.

We’ll update this page as soon as we know… You can register your interest on the BT website, or consider the BT Vision service.

Want a free YouView box?

One of YouView’s partners, TalkTalk, has announced that it will offer a free YouView box.

Customers of broadband provider TalkTalk on their Plus package can get free YouView box, saving the £299 price for the box.

For full details on how to get YouView with TalkTalk, go to the TalkTalk TV site.

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