Enable or Disable Audio Description Commentary


When viewing BBC1 HD on Freesat, many programmes have a voice-over which I understand is for the partially sighted. Is there any way to switch this off?

Submitted by Austin Reynolds


Our Answer

What you’re referring to is called Audio Description, and as you say, is a service for the blind or partially-sighted. Audio Description provides a commentary of the on-screen action, for example “Chuck leaves the room following Sarah”.

The service is available on many TV programmes, and is provided by the broadcaster. It’s not offered on all channels, and it’s not available on all equipment.


Turning Audio Description off and on

By default, TV sets and set-top boxes have audio description turned off. If you have a receiver that supports Audio Description, there will be a way to enable this service from one of the on-screen menus.

Each TV set and set-top box is different, and so without knowing the make and model, we can’t give precise advice on how to turn it off for every single make and model of digital TV equipment, although we’ll try to help with some general guidance.

If you’re not sure how to turn Audio Description on or off, then the first place to try should be the TV manual. Alternatively, you can try to find the option from the on-screen menus. Try looking under “Language”, “Subtitles”, “Audio” or “Sound” in the Settings menu.

Here is some information on how to turn on or off Audio Description on some common equipment

Freesat Receivers: On some boxes, try Menu > Settings > Language. You may find the “Audio Description” option there, with an option to “Enable” or “Disable”

Sky+ HD Box: Press Services, scroll to “Options”. Select “Subtitles”. Here, you’ll find “Audio Description On/Off”. Change as appropriate, and press the Green button on the remote to save

Basic Sky box / Older Sky+ box: Press “Services”. Select “System Set Up”. Select “Language and Subtitles”. Adjust the “Narrative” options as required, then move to “Save New Settings” and press Select

Help us to update this section. If you know how to enable or disable the Audio Description commentary on a digital TV set-top box or TV set that we’ve not listed here, please add a comment below.

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127 Responses to Enable or Disable Audio Description Commentary

  1. moody says:

    how do i turn off audio description on videotron recivers please answer as soon as possoble

    • TV Answers says:

      Check the on-screen menu and look for a setting to disable this. Alternatively, check the manual. If you have no luck, please state the exact model number you need help with.

      • M.Hauward says:

        Panasonic Model TX-L19X 10 BW

      • Daniel says:

        I need help how to disable them from recording me through the TV and listening to me I have an old plasma Samsung TV so I’m trying to get help because someone is recording me and it says Samsung plasma display and they somehow put in some sort of series hold on one minutethey put in if PDP FM 00 / LED 61000 series and it says using the 3D function is blue all this isn’t blue I’m trying to help then from watching me and disable the plasma Samsung TV it’s an older model but it but it somehow it’s saying that has 3D function and I don’t know if someone downloaded through ups I don’t know anything about TV’s so please help how to disable the video from recording me or what do I need to plug in and can my LG smart phone plug into my TV I would like to know all the information if you can give me a call + 347 942 7767 thank you and have a blessed day

      • Glen says:

        On LG tv’s press menus, then options, then go into Disability Assistance & turn Audio Discripgion off.

      • Deirdre moore says:

        Sony smart t.v,how do aye turn off the audio description.

      • mgt says:

        I have sony tv and virgin and recently received new modem and box and ca83nnot get rid of description

      • Nicola Mcdonald says:

        Hi I have a seki tv and a gamma box I can’t turn off the audio speaking please help

    • Colin Maclean says:

      On the 19″ Alba : Press menu on your remote. Arrow to the ‘Sound’ menu. Scroll down to ‘Audio description’, which is on the second page. Click on ‘OFF’. Done.

      • Mary Dodd says:

        Thanks. It worked! After I’d wasted an hour trying and missed most of the programme I wanted to watchj! Why do they have to make it so difficult for those of us who do not have visual problems!

    • Bill Whitehurst says:

      Call your cable provider and they can walk you through it.

    • David says:

      I went into sound menu and simply reset and problem solved!

  2. Jacob says:

    does anyone know how to turn it off on ps3 play tv? cheers thank you jacob

  3. Tony says:

    I have a LOGIC TV set and have tried unsuccessfully to disable the audio commentary. The descriptions are all in Spanish which does not help. Can you assist please?

  4. jeffrey way says:

    we have freesat HD with a goodmans controller, we think the dog jumped on it the we had audio on some films . I pressed audio it came up with -english and -english AD which was highlighted ,I moved the highlight to -english pressed exit and the problem was cured

  5. Stephen P Jackson says:

    HI I have a goodmans sat box.
    The hand set is broken so cannot use the audio button
    I have an one for all hand set
    I can go into menu, settings, and see no way to change the setting
    If I go to menu language i get audio language or subtitle language.
    I can chose the language used but no setting for turning off the commentary

  6. Roy says:

    I have a curtis lcd3957 and cannot find anything in the menus for enable/disable commentary.

    I would appreciate help.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Do you know how to turn it off, on a proline TV
    Model number: LVD1985WD

  8. Susan says:

    I have a Samsung TV & TVonics Freeview top box…I have recently started getting the Audio Adescription Commentary…I don’t know how to disable this…I’ve tried all of the above & more…does anyone know how I can disable the Audio Commentary,..as its dying me insane! Argh!

    • Randall Lewis says:

      Hi. If you are not happy with your tvonics box, would you be interested in selling it?
      This is a genuine request.
      Regards Randall Lewis

    • Lesley De Haan says:

      Try this go to options on your remote, then press AVoptions then multi audio then go down to eng, job done BUT you have to do it every time you change channel

  9. Susan says:

    ** should read As its driving me insane!

  10. Irene Taylor says:

    Hi , there is more than one Channel where I get Audio Visual . How do I get rid of it please.

  11. wendy says:

    If you have a audio button on your remote, press it and choose the other option, we did it, it was 3 letters and 4 numbers.

  12. Sue says:

    I have just managed to turn off the audio description on my Hitachi LCD tv after trying for weeks. I went on menu – set up-configuration – audio description – off and it’s worked.

    • susan says:

      Thank u i have now turned of audio discription after weeks of looking my tv is currys digihome

  13. Martin says:

    This problem just had me going bonkers for nearly an hour, my daughter (thank God for teenagers!) sussed it. With a “One for All” remote – with the mode button set to “sat” the AV button converts into the AD on/off button. So put remote onto SAT mode and use AV button to turn audio description on or off.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I looked in Sound and turned off something called AVG and the wee fella disappeared,,coincidence,,,I don’t kow yet. I shall return if he does with further findings. Liz

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry ..temporary joy,,he’s back in force. Only thing to do is change channel as I have now missed half the movie with the wee fiend. Anybody find solution please post Liz.

  16. Roy says:

    I have a Boston sat box.
    I found by pressing Audio/Language/English the AD disappeared.
    It doesn’t make any sense but it worked.

  17. Dianne Sleeman says:

    I have have just spent the last half hour tearing my hair out (not quite literally), but this voiceover was going on and on, I pressed all the buttons to no avail, so I calmed myself down and pressed ‘services button’ on sky handset, then audio discription OFF! What joy, success, Good luck.

  18. Helen says:

    AD button, bottom left of BT vision/you view remote. Turn AD off to stop audio description. Quite entertaining listening though whilst it was on πŸ˜‰

  19. Andy says:

    Please help I have the same problem with my tv it is a technika I have tried everything for the last 2 months in the end I turned the ad volume down too 0 but it still dulls the tv volume when they are talking please answer Asap

    • Marc Davis says:

      press “menu” on remote … select “sound” at top of screen … select “AD Volume” … reduce volume to zero … select “exit”

  20. I have a Dion Digital TV CV3 Freeview Box had sound with voice over, tried to turn it of by reading comments on here, but have no Audio Description, the menu is useless and does not give me the options listed on your replies to others on here, the Settings are not helpful at all as all the answers have to be for english cannot go any further with this, have now got no Volume, went back and turned Hearing Impaired off again and still now answer please HELP going bonkers here

    • Mrs Carol S Black says:

      We have a Dion box and remote. I have tried going through menu settings language – no avail. I’ve just seen an AD button on remote and pressed it and hey presto audio description is now off!!

  21. Conor O'Donoghue says:

    I have Tower SR2100+ and Zoro HRS 3500 sat boxes. To turn off AD on the Tower press audio button on remote which presents two options for Audio Track, (pdr)1/2 or (eng)2/2. With left/right buttons choose (eng)2/2 then OK, exit.
    On the Zoro, press audio button as before, the up/down buttons give you two options, eng or pdr with a number in brackets to the right. Oddly, unlike the Tower box, on this one you need to choose the pdr option to turn AD off.

  22. Conor O'Donoghue says:

    Excuse, meant to say Xoro not Zoro

  23. Chelsea says:

    Hi, I have a view 21 box and am having problems with the audio description, i have tried numerous times to turn it off however it will only allow me to turn it down to 10%, any ideas on how to solve this please? Xx

  24. Dinglebloke says:

    I have a Humax Freesat Box. Go into Menu, Language, disable Audio Description. It worked. Thank you.

    • Peter Mackey says:

      I have the Humax 1010 box (the 1tb white one) and there is an AD button in bottom right corner. It’s not on the menus and was driving me CRAZY! I pressed it and the audio description toggles on and off. Thanks

      • Fairley Ramsay says:

        Brilliant! Thank you so much.. I wa going mad!

      • derek lord says:

        Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the AD button on my Humax remote and if I had I’d probably have thought it was just telling me that it wasn’t BC. Anyway it worked a treat.

  25. Brian Sanders says:

    For Tivo cable users. Select “Help & Settings” on the Home Screen. Choose “Settings”, “Audio”, “Alternate Audio”, “Default Audio Language” & then “Audio Description”.

  26. Ann Mcmanus says:


  27. Sam Davidson says:


  28. Sam Davidson says:

    and the same Press the AD button on You view remote GONE Sorry if you have different model would need a degree in NASSA to understand other replies

  29. Janet V says:

    I have a samsung 55 inch smart tv. How do i turn off the audio description…..ugh!

  30. We+have+an+lg+tv+just+on+normal+transmission+in+uk.+How+do+we+turn+it+of?help

  31. We are going mad listening to the dialogue intended to help blind people. My dad is 93 and practically deaf so we have set him up with a headset only system on his tv. Hiw do wd turn this off on oyrs?hdlp partner does not sleep much.

  32. Rachel says:

    I have a sky+HD box and the voice won’t go off And I’ve turned audio description off what do I do?

  33. Pat Keene says:

    We have just had broadband set up in our apartment in Spain. It is a HUAWEI receiver. How can we turn off the audio description. Thank you

  34. Blue says:

    I have bush Freeview box and Samsung TV and its not possible to switch the ad off. TV has this option grey so you can do nothing and on box the min value for ad is 10%. I understand there are people using that but I’m getting madder and madder every day. It’s horribly annoying

  35. Marie Close says:

    With all the complaints about Audio description you would think they would make it an option when broadcasting with it. I have watched Big Bang Theory every season and now the last season they decided to add this voice over description ruining the show for me. I will check my menu again but really sighted people should have been given a choice if they wanted it broadcasted with this feature.

  36. Maggie Pringle says:

    I have an LG 32″ TV AKB 73655837 with no manual.
    I cannot find a way to disable the Audio Description Commentry.
    Can anyone help me.

    • Jim says:

      I have L G plasma flat screen I turned off audio commentary with remote hand set on my controller just above TV guide button is a/d button pressing it brings caption a/d on or off

  37. I don’t drop a lot of comments, but i did
    some searching and wound up here Enable or Disable Audio Description Commentary | TV Answers – Digital TV Made Simple.
    And I actually do have a few questions for you if you don’t mind.

    Is it just me or does it look like some of the responses look as if they are written by brain dead folks?
    πŸ˜› And, if you are posting at additional social sites, I’d like to keep up with anything new you have to post.
    Could you list of every one of your shared sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  38. Wow cuz this is great job! Congrats and keep it up

  39. Ramil says:

    My receiver is MAG 250 IPTV BOX (infomir). How turn-off audio description?
    I’ve tried, but can’t find

  40. Kirsten says:

    with an LG TV and a fortec star box, you press remote blue button with LR on it and use the PDR option not the eng option. Not a clue what this is, but it worked

  41. Kirsten says:

    see above..you have to choose this option for every channel individually when you go to the channel. hope this helps!

  42. Sylvia Davis says:

    Sorrybut I have not stopped laughing at all these comments. I still have not managed to turn the darn thing off. Thanks for the laughter

  43. Dave says:

    Simply press help on your sky handset then the audio description button comes up, it will show on,go left or right to turn it off. Bingo

  44. Nick says:

    I have a vd+ data litre reciver box and I have talking over some channels why watching TVs can anyone help please

  45. Colin says:

    HELP ! I cant find audio description select in sound menu on my new Samsung HG40ED450BW.. Anybody got ant ideas please . Thanks Colin

  46. susan barber says:

    I have a 24″ alba dvd/tv and Im having the same problem about audio over talking can anyone help me to get rid of it thankyou

  47. J Gardner says:

    I have an hitachi smart TV model number 48HB6T72U now do I turn off audio description please

  48. Isabel Taylor says:

    Look for a button with AD on it. It is at the bottom of the remote,usually near the picture size control
    button. If you are hearing the ‘voice’, it will say ‘on’, so press again and it will register ‘off’. I had pressed this AD button in error earlier in the day, while looking to change my picture size, so it doesn’t
    actually happen voluntarily!

  49. Barry Gray says:

    I have same problem with Samsung viera I cannot disable it but it says to go to sound+audio disable but this is not shown please help this is driving me crazy

    • Steve Jones says:

      Audio description turned itself on on my Samsung. After MUCH searching, I found I could turn it off by MENU, BROADCASTING, scroll down to AUDI OPTIONS and scroll down to AUDIO DESCRIPTIONS, This gave me the option to turn AD off which I gladly did.

  50. Liam flounders says:

    I have a mag 250 box and some channels have the voice over description on and some don’t, and can I hell find out how to turn it off and it’s driving me mad, does anyone have one of these boxes that can help. Tha ks

  51. john sheldrake says:

    hi, I have a bush smart tv from argos and a goodmans 45watt sound bar , this audio for the blind I cant switch how do you switch off. signed desperate.

  52. john sheldrake says:

    still cant switch it off, this audio for the blind.

  53. Azara says:

    Ive got a hitachi smart tv and i cant get rid of this voice over on my tv…im going nuts ive checked the audio description and its saying off but still not working please help

  54. E. Macsween says:

    Just set up a Humax Digital Recorder with my Sony Bravia and have recorded a couple of programmes but now gave a voice over which us driving me crazy. Do you know if this is the recorder that will have to be adjusted or the TV.

  55. Liam..... says:

    Just set up a Humax Digital Recorder with my Sony Bravia and have recorded a couple of programmes but now gave a voice over which us driving me crazy. Do you know if this is the recorder that will have to be adjusted or the TV.

  56. Ann says:

    I have been working on this problem for weeks and have finally found the fix for my setup. I use an old Phillps TV with a magnavox digital converter box. I thought I have tried going through every menu to find out where the problem was, but after finding this site went back and found the solution. I had inadvertently turned on the Spanish and the Audio description commentary. Fix: There is a tiny button labeled Audio on the remote for the digital converter box. Press the button and scroll through the options. At “English 1/2” the audio description is turned off.

  57. I Have a ZGemma box……getting the background commentary for partially sighted which is annoying for the fully sighted. My Samsung tv is all ok.
    it must be settings on ZGemma, can anyone help ?

  58. J Hamilton says:

    Turn on / off audio description on bush Smart TV
    Sky Remote control. 7th and April 2017
    Audio Description
    On or off
    Press green button ( save settings )

  59. J Hamilton says:


    Simply press help on sky control
    Audio discription also comes up.
    Turn on or off

    7th April 2017

  60. Thompson says:

    Hi, we are in Spain so are watching Analogue TV, turned it on one night and the soaps had Audio Description on them, I have been all through the on screen Menu, and looked in the Manual, but can find nothing to help, our Telly is a F&H FH 2201 Model, can anyone help please It’s driving me mad.


  61. Waqas alam says:

    For LG tv
    Step 1. CLICK Q.MENU on ur remort control
    Step 2. CLICK 4th option ((M)) or audio option
    Step 3. Change the option if want a commentry or not …
    E X I T

  62. Deborah says:

    Someone please help me. The audio commentary suddenly started on my Toshiba freeview box. I went to settings, then accessibility settings but there’s no option to switch them off! It just goes through a list of languages and volumes but no off button. Aaaaahhhh

  63. Luke says:

    7110- one for all remote Panasonic tv , how do you turn of AD?

  64. Michelle says:

    my audio says it off so what can I do for the voice over on itv last night my tv is Samsung

  65. Nikki says:

    My friend has a technical flatscreen how can I turn audio description off

  66. Pete2262 says:

    I have a IPTV/OTI 254 box and cannot for the life of me turn off the audio commentary, its driving me barmy, any help is appreciated.

  67. David Cooney says:

    Wartsila tv box. Any ideas how I can turn off partially sighted voice over on this please. Driving me nuts and I’m already out at sea

  68. Blakelly says:

    LG tvs- SETTINGS- Accessibilty- AUDIO GUIDANCE Problem solved

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  70. jackie dolphin says:

    driving me insane .this blind audio voice I will go mad if I have to listen to her much longer. help please . we have a polaroid smart 50 inch . I have been though all the bloody menues cant find nothing . any help would be most greatfull .

    • Carol says:

      I have an L.G Tv.. I use it via a the remote controller for a digital recorder. On my remote there is a button which has AD on it, and when I press this option comes up for to disable or enable the audio voice commentary. And like many others, took me ages work this out as I coulnt find the manual book.

  71. Dave H says:

    I was once in an hotel trying to switch Audio Description off; the guy from reception came up and he switched to ITV3 then pressed the blue button on the remote. I have no idea why this would work but it did. Maybe it was specific to their TV system but, if all else fails, give it a go. I know it sounds unlikely.

  72. Elaine Richards says:

    I have tried to turn off the AD on the tv……..I don’t even know how it got switched on….
    I have gone into
    Then i have Alternate Audio
    Default audio language (Audio description)
    Then a list of languages with Audio Description and a big tick next to it.

    HOW DO I GET THIS OFF,,,,I have tried every button on the remote and nothing gets it off. Driving me potty….help….even rang virgin but as usual cannot get an engineer only an automated response. I dont know the password so I am stuck there too!!!!

  73. paul says:

    This may help if you have an LG TV. I couldn’t turn the narration off in Sound, but found Disability Assistance in Settings – and it worked! I hope anyone with the same issue has the same luck!

  74. J Werner says:

    I have a Magnavox model 26MD301B/F7. Sound narrative came on about 2 days ago unprompted. Closed captioning is programmed OFF. I have tried Language , sound, digital sound and cannot find where I can program this off. Can you help me please?

  75. Dee says:

    Tesco Digihome TV : Audio Description is found by selecting Menu, then System / Settings / Accessibility /OK then arrow right (or left) to set on or off (other options also on Accessibility screen).

  76. Dave Wedge says:

    Sky HD Box just goto accessibility and turn audio description off simple job done

  77. Kathy Searle says:

    TC-P42X3 Panasonic TV Can’t get the audio description to stop. Help

  78. Ray says:

    Ive just turned mine off, sky q remote bottom left button ( ? sign,) press that and its easy, hope this helps,

  79. Jinty says:

    We have a Panasonic TX-L42B6B. On Channel 15 the Audio Description is on and we cannot switch it off. It drives me mad when watching a film.

  80. Janet says:

    We are on Virgin, along with over half the country we too have the Audio Description which is driving us nuts and cannot get rid of it. Have tried Home- Help and Settings- Settings- Audio-Alturnative Audio to no avail, it was uninvited and unwanted. Ideas????

    • john baines says:

      if you find solution let me know. I have 2019 Sony Bravia tv connected to Virgin I have tried every solution going. Foot is going through the screen soon
      Thanks John

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