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I’ve just had to replace my Sky+ box because mine froze. My Dad gave me his old Pace Sky box. I phoned Sky to register the box and after a whole load of switching off and pressing buttons, I can’t get the Pace box to record.

The error message says ‘System fault – Sky playback and recording are unavailable. Please call Sky’

Any suggestions?

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Our Answer

In order to get an old Sky box working, three things need to happen.

  • You need to insert a valid subscription card into the box you’re replacing
  • You need to call Sky Customer Services and get them to pair the Sky box to the subscription card
  • If the old Sky box is running an older version of the Sky software, it may need to be upgraded over-the-air. Sky can talk you through the process when you call to pair the card and box.

When you’ve called Sky to get the card and box paired, you may have to wait for up to 24 hours for the over-air signal to get to your box (although it’s normally pretty quick).

If the signal hasn’t got to your box, then you may need to all Sky again.

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