Record One Channel While Watching Another


I’ve re-tuned my TV through the DVD player on all the options (analogue & DVB) but it seems I can only tape onto my DVD player if I am watching the channel it’s taping! It won’t allow me to switch channels.

From: Yaj Kindermann


Our Answer

If I understand the question correctly, you are connecting your Freeview TV set to a DVD recorder, and recording Freeview via the DVD recorder’s Line In feed (which may be labelled AUX / AV1 or Line). I’m assuming the DVD recorder is analogue (i.e. doesn’t have built-in Freeview).

Connecting in this way, means that you will be able to record whatever Freeview channel the TV set is tuned into.

The problem is, is that the TV only has one Freeview tuner, so can only handle one digital TV channel at a time. In other words your TV won’t let you watch one digital channel, and send a second digital channel down the SCART lead to a recorder.

So, what do you do?

You have a number of options, but here are the top three:

  • Option 1: Buy a cheap Freeview box – Get a box for £20 and connect it to your DVD Recorder’s Line In. When you want to record something, set the DVD recorder to the Line In, and record whatever channel is on the new Freeview box. Use the Freeview box remote control to set the channel to be recorded. This will work independently of your TV’s Freeview receiver.
  • Option 2: Get a DVD Recorder that has a Freview receiver built-in. As these have their own Freeview receiver, these can let you record a Freeview channel regardless on what Freeview channel your TV is set to
  • Option 3: Consider getting a PVR to replace your DVD recorder. A PVR is a hard disk recorder. Typically they can record hundreds of hours of digital TV (no need for DVD), and have features like Series Link (so you don’t miss an episode) and live pause (for when the phone rings). The other advantage is that most have two tuners, so you can record one Freeview channel whilst you watch another Freeview channel. For more information on PVR (Personal Video Recorders), see Radio and Telly’s PVR Explained page.


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2 Responses to Record One Channel While Watching Another

  1. yaja says:

    sorry…but I already have a DVD recorder that has a freeview receiver already built in (pretty sure). Are you saying that I need to buy another ‘digi-box’ for the DVD recorder? As it is…my remote for the ‘box’ does not work for anything. I can only change channels via the DVD remote.

    WHY can’t they leave things alone for plebs like me…………………….}:O(

  2. TV Answers says:

    If the DVD recorder already has Freeview built in, then you should be set, and you shouldn’t need another Freeview box. You use the Freeview receiver in the DVD recorder to record one Freeview channel, an dthe Freeview receiver built-in to the TV to watch a different Freeview channel.

    Both the TV and DVD Recorder will need to be connected to a feed from the TV aerial.

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