Not able to get Freeview HD


I have an HD ready TV and have a, HD PVR. I was informed that Freeview HD was available in my area, but I am unable to get Freeview HD. I have all the other Freeview channels through my set top aerial.

From David Slotta


Our Answer

If you’re not able to get the Freeview HD channels, there are a number of possible causes:

1. You do not have a Freeview HD receiver. An HD-Ready TV set does not have a Freeview HD receiver built-in. If your TV does not have a Freeview HD built-in, then you will need to connect it to a Freeview HD set-top box. Help on this: HD-Ready TVs Explained

Freeview HD is not available in your area. You can check using the Freeview HD Postcode Checker

Freeview HD is available in your area, but you are not getting enough signal. More help: Missing Freeview Channels


Additional Notes

In some areas, Freeview HD is not operating with as strong a signal as the main Freeview channels.

We note that you are using an indoor set-top aerial. These are not as good as a roof aerial. Postcode coverage checkers normally assume a roof aerial, not a set-top aerial. More help: Indoor aerials and Freeview

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