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I am able to get Movies For Men, etc and I have Winter Hill transmitter out my back window, but my friend in Cheltenham cannot and he has the same TV as myself Sony Bravia 507.

Is this due to him having a relay transmitter? He has retuned his TV and digibox but cannot get the 200 – 205 channels, I cannot get them on my Samsung I have in the bedroom and it is only a year old.

Submitted online by Malcolm Campbell


Our Answer

The Greater Manchester TV area is the first part of the UK to support local Freeview channels.

In May 2011, the following channels became available in the Manchester area

  • Channel M (Freeview Channel 200)
  • Movies4Men (Freeview Channel 201)
  • Movies4Men +1, (Freeview Channel 202)
  • Movies4Men 2, (Freeview Channel 203)
  • Movies4Men 2 +1 (Freeview Channel 204)
  • Men & Movies (Freeview Channel 205)

The Manchester channels are using a multiplex operated by Guardian Media Group, and at the time of writing, the channels are only available on the Freeview platform from via the Winter Hill transmitter.


How can I get Movies 4 Men?

If you get your TV signals from the Winter Hill transmitter (Greater Manchester), Movies 4 Men can be found on Freeview channel 201.

If you are not able to get a TV signal Manchester’s Winter Hill transmitter, then there are other ways to get the Movies 4 Men channel:

  • Freesat – A subscription-free satellite TV service
  • Sky – A subscription-based satellite TV service

To get Freesat or Sky, you will need a satellite dish.

There is a possibility that Movies 4 Men, and Men and Movies may be offered to other parts of the UK via Freeview in the future, but at the time of writing, we have no information about any firm plans for these channels to be offered elsewhere in the UK on Freeview.

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