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Current UK weather is available on the old analogue ceefax service – page 404. On digital I can not find this information. Is this information available on a different page?

Submitted by Richard E

Our Answer

Weather is available on the BBC’s Interactive “Red Button” Service. Here’s how to access weather on a digital TV service:

  • Switch to BBC One on a digital TV service (such as Freeview, Sky, Freesat or BT Vision)
  • Press the Red button on the digital TV service’s remote control
  • This will display the main BBC Interactive menu
  • Select “Weather” by scrolling down and pressing select. Alternatively, press 400 to go to the Weather menu

From the Weather menu, you will find a forecast summary, forecast maps, world cities and weather warnings.

You can go direct to the UK current weather by typing 404.

Below is a screenshot of the BBC UK Weather Summary (Page 404) obtained using BBC Red Button on Freeview.


BBC Red Button Weather Screen

BBC Red Button Weather Screen shown on a Freeview Box



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