Connecting a VHS Recorder to a Digital TV


I have a Sony Bravia LCD Digital Colour TV and a Virgin Media Box. I have a Ferguson VHS Video Recorder. How do I playback my videos?

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To play back video tapes from a VHS Video Recorder to a digital TV, do the following:

  1. Connect the output of the video recorder to a spare input on the TV. Normally, you would use a SCART lead to connect from the SCART Out on the Video Recorder to a spare SCART socket on the TV
  2. Next, set the TV set so that the TV can “see” the input. On the TV remote control, there should be a button labelled AV / Line In or AUX. The button may have an icon that looks like a rectangular TV set with an arrow. If you have plugged the VHS Recorder into the AV1 / Line 1 / Aux 1 socket, set the TV so that it is set to AV1 / Line 1 / Aux 1
  3. Now, insert a video cassette into the VCR, and press ‘Play’

If you have connected the video recorder to the TV correctly, and set the TV to the right input channel, then you should be able to watch the video



If your TV set does not have a spare SCART socket, see what other input sockets there are on your TV set. Another common set of connectors is three phono connectors coloured Yellow, White and Red. The Yellow socket (Composite) carries video, and the red and white carry stereo audio. If you want to use these connectors, you would need a SCART to Phono lead.

SCART Plug to 3 Phono Plugs

SCART Plug to 3 Phono Plugs (Composite Video and Stereo Audio)

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