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I use Ceefax all day to watch share prices, sport details, etc. I use Pinnacle system on my computer. This gives me a comprehensive view for all the things I want. How will I be able to continue this once it becomes digital?

Submitted by Ian P

Our Answer

Ceefax will cease to exist after the Digital Switchover. It is being replaced with the BBC’s Interactive Red Button service.

If you want to be able to access the BBC digital interactive service on a PC or Mac, you should be able to do this using a PC Card or USB TV Adapter that supports digital TV and MHEG-5 Interactive services.

MHEG-5 is used in the UK for the digital TV interactive services, and so you should look for a viewing solution for your computer that is able to view and decode MHEG-5. Some of the newer Hauppauge TV cards and adapters support this format, and no doubt others do too.

Alternatively, there are a number of other solutions, such as desktop widgets, scrolling tickers and RSS feed monitors that will let you monitor share prices, weather, news headlines and sports news from your computer desktop.


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