Ceefax on Digital TV


I am now on digital Freeview. Can I get Ceefax on that now, and if so, how?

From: Gerry Michaels


Ceefax is the old system for supplying text information on the older analogue TV system. It’s a BBC service. The ITV counterpart was known as Teletext.

Ceefax is only used on the analogue TV system. It’s not supported on digital TV services such as Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media or Freesat.

Instead, a new service is in use, known as the ‘Interactive’, or ‘red button’ service.

To access the BBC Red Button service, tune to a BBC TV channel, such as BBC One, and press the Red button on your digital TV remote control. This should bring up the Interactive menu, allowing you access to text, image and video services from the BBC

Interactive TV Screen

Screenshot of BBC's Interactive Red Button service

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